Monday, September 11, 2017

Looking Ahead- Update

About the Summer Months:  We discussed July/August meetings and have decided to skip those months for the next while and see how that goes. We're having a hard time getting together even 3-4 people for a meeting and it seems unfair to the hosts to plan and prepare for a meeting that either doesn't happen, or ends up being just 2 ladies enjoying an evening coffee and pie!   Since we have 10 members, that still allows us to host once a year (Sept-June) and if we get back up to 12 members, then we host a little less often, but have some more variety about when we're hosting.   For now, we'll just drop our July/August themes with the idea of being able to incorporate another Library Kit (August) into the rotation now and then.
Here's a look ahead at the next few months, with some changes as noted below!

October - Library Kit - The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak
Hostess: Chandra

November - Trafficked by Sophie Hayes
Hostess: Emily 

December - Get Cooking - A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg; if you want to avoid buying the cookbook, you can pop over to her blog  instead and read/cook from there!
Hostess: Karen

February Couple's Meeting  - Red Notice by Bill Browder


  1. A Farmgirls table looks like a good cookbook for December!!

  2. I found you by Lisa Sewell looks like a good mystery!!


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